Traveling Tuesday!!

This snow is making me wish for summer!  Besides shoveling, I spent my day watching Rehab Addict!  How did you spend your snow day?  I have also been thinking about tropical vacations a lot today.  This weather makes me miss the Caribbean in the worst way.  2013 was my first time visiting the Caribbean.  I took a cruise and instantly fell in love with cruising and being able to visit so many different places in such a short amount of time.

A large group of us went on the Celebrity Summit and visited the islands of Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten and St Thomas.  Each of these places were absolutely beautiful and I did amazing excursions while I was visiting.  For my first “Traveling Tuesdays” segment, I want to share St. Lucia with you!  While I was there I went on a flower garden/volcano tour.  Our excursion stopped at Marantha Gardens.  This was a beautiful little garden set on the side of a hill.  The colors were absolutely beautiful and the flowers were so fragrant.

We also visited the world’s only drive in volcano in the town of Soufriere, called Sulphur Springs.  I love volcanoes, so visiting this place was a must for me.  The smell here from the sulfur was awful.  We walked on pathways through parts of the volcano to the main viewing area.  It was so cool to be able to actually take a bus right into the volcano and see the mud bubbling from the warm springs underground.

The scenery on the island of St. Lucia was beautiful but it is a very poor country.  On our way to the garden and volcano we stopped at 3 little villages that were filled with residents trying to sell us handmade items.  I wouldn’t advise wandering around the island yourself, I would make sure to stay with a tour group.  I hope you enjoy my pictures!

The prayer garden in St. Lucia

The prayer garden in St. Lucia


Beautiful flowers inside the prayer garden


One of my favorite colored flowers


These smelled so tropical, I really could have spent all day taking pictures of the flowers here


Soufriere Sulphur Springs Volcano. At one time you could have walked across the tan rock area, but a now its too dangerous and they have gated off the area.


Mud bubbling from inside the sulfur spring


Open air market stop in St. Lucia


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