This website has been my fun on the cheap savior for the second summer in a row!  Last summer I purchased my first Groupon for the CityView Trolley Tours.  This was a big hit with two of the littles!  The older two littles had a special day with me in Boston!  We were able to enjoy a trolley ride around the city and hop off and on as much as we wanted all day.  Included in the trolley ticket is a narrated harbor cruise!  We were not able to use the cruise portion on the same day, so CityView gave us a voucher to come back at a later date over the summer!  There are nine stops on the tour and you can start your tour anywhere!  Both times we started our tours at South Station, right on Summer Street.  A few stops later we were at the main ticket booth to collect our actual tickets.  The staff came over to us and we didn’t have to leave our seats on the bus!  I checked the website for CityView for their regular price Adult and Child (ages 4 to 12 ) combined is $52.  Buying through Groupon, I paid $38 and saved $14! 

Later that same summer I purchased a Groupon for the Boston Sea Lightning.  It is a one hour speed boat tour of Boston Harbor.  It is definitely NOT for the weak stomached!  We went around the outer harbor and spun 360s and did figure eights!  The oldest little LOVED it.  The regular adult price is $49 per person.  With the Groupon, I paid $35 per person, another $14 in savings!    

Groupon has amazing deals on other things like vacations, food and goods of all kinds.  I have even used my Groupons on vacation!  Last spring I bought a hop on hop off bus tour of Honolulu, Hawaii!  No matter what city you live in, you could probably find a great deal!  Be sure to give Groupon a chance this summer.  In the Boston area alone I found over 300 deals on things to do!  This summer is looking to be even better than last year!  I have stocked up on trolley tours, horseback riding, train rides on Cape Cod and even a glass blowing class for myself!



(ABOVE) Our Travel Gnome, Keelan and the 14 passenger Boston Sea Lightning!



(ABOVE) A view from our trolley of the Custom House tower!


**Just as a side note**I am in not being paid in any way to rave about my Groupon experience.  I just want to share my happiness abut saving money with you** =)

© Copyright 2014


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